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Lana Klaib's Portfolio


Statement: We all view the same world through different lenses. My art is what I see, or rather wish to see, through my lens. My intent is to share…

Adilene Zuniga


I have worked with painting and photography as a tool or medium for my work process.
Art helps me to see things from different points of view and it…

Estefanye Gaucin's Portfolio 

EGaucin_Work Document .pdf

Statement: Within my artwork I truly pour myself into whichever project I work on; I express myself and let others discover who I am within my work.…

Crysten Thomas-Medina Portfolio

Sign Off Final Art.pdf

My interest in art really began in elementary school. I was never really interested in school or any subject but found I really enjoyed it when we…

Valeria Morales’s Portfolio


Like a song she wrote
That's never heard

As I grew older, I got tired of unspoken expectations and unseen weight.


Evelyn Aguilar's Portfolio 


Statement: The Growth of my ArtAs a little girl, I always knew I had a gift for the arts. Over the years my passion forphotography blossomed into…

Keleigh McMullen's Portfolio

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Statement: Without art, life lacks the intense meaning and beauty I constantly search for. I find myself frequently returning to themes of nature and…

Jessica's McCartney Portfolio

JessicaMcCartney.portfolio (1)[4884].pdf

Statement:        Art can come from many minds, but what about the mind of someone who is deemed mentally disabled. My autism is one of the main…

Stephanie Schotborgh's Portfolio


Statement: I crave the feeling of getting lost in my creativity and my artwork is the outcome of that. I try to get my drawings to be as realistic as…

Amor Martinez's Portfolio


Statement: For a long time I used to think my art had no meaning. I believe my art at the moment is based on what I’m thinking about for a long time.…

Alexis Montenegro's Portfolio


Statement: As I dip my brush in the raw paint, it is the beginning of a new story that depicts my life experiences and emotions. My artwork narrates…

Hassan Amori Portfolio

Senior Portfolio Sign-Off .pdf

My art represents an eloquent expression of my fascination with the beauty of tranquil and amicable moments in daily life. As someone who…

Cait Patton's Portfolio


The focus of my art is primarily portraits and landscapes, with a few still lifes scattered throughout my portfolio. With these pieces, my hope is…

Cecilia Ambriz's Portfolio

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Statement: My passion for art began when I was a little girl. I was inspired by many artists such as Bob Ross, Salvador Dali, and Pablo Picasso. My…

Eliel Palma's Portfolio



Growing up in a Mexican household as a kid was tough. I often felt suppressed. Expressing my art and sexuality (gay) was a constant…

Victoria McMinn's Portfolio


Fabric. It makes up the clothes you are wearing, the sheets you sleep in, and the curtains that cover your windows. All of these uses for…

Savannah Andry-Redmond's Portfolio

Process Documentation   (1).pdf

Statement: I have aspired to be an artist since the third grade. I have expanded my skills from graphite pencils to acrylic paintings, ceramics, and…